Digital rights management

Digital rights management (DRM) is a technology used to protect different types of media (for example, audio, video and images) against illegal copying, and control the distribution of the media. There are several widely used DRM standards, of which the following are supported by devices based on the Symbian platform:

If your application deals with multimedia content, apply DRM technology to control access to the content. For more information, see DRM-protected multimedia and Playing DRM-protected audio content.

The following figure illustrates the general principle of DRM content authoring.

Figure 1. Concept of Digital Rights Management

The application itself can be DRM-protected. Use the DRM License Checker API to DRM-protect data files and skins in your application. To install a protected application, you must have a valid license. Vital application data can also be protected through encryption. Note that DRM License Checker API requires the DRM capability.