TEntryArray Class Reference

class TEntryArray

Array of directory entries.

It contains the results of a call to RDir::Read(): it will contain all the TEntry items in the directory. Thus, a directory can be read in a single call, minimising client/server communication overheads.

TEntry RDir::Read

Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C TIntCount()
IMPORT_C const TEntry &operator[](TInt)
Private Attributes
TBuf8< KEntryArraySize >iBuf
TInt iCount
TInt iIndex
const TEntry *iPos

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Default constructor.

Initialises its count of contained TEntry objects to zero.

Member Functions Documentation


IMPORT_C TIntCount()const

Gets the number of entries in the array.


IMPORT_C const TEntry &operator[](TIntanIndex)const

Gets the directory entry at the specified index.

FSCLIENT 22 if anIndex is greater than or equal to the number of elements in the array.


TInt anIndexIndex of the entry within the array. This value is relative to zero.

Member Data Documentation

TBuf8< KEntryArraySize > iBuf

TBuf8< KEntryArraySize >iBuf[private]

TInt iCount

TInt iCount[private]

TInt iIndex

TInt iIndex[private]

const TEntry * iPos

const TEntry *iPos[private]