Text Shell (Zsh) and Telnet Daemon

Z Shell (Zsh) is a powerful UNIX® shell ported for the Symbian platform. It is a command interpreter for UNIX systems and has useful features of other UNIX text shells, such as bash, tcsh, and ksh.

Telnet Daemon (TelnetD) and zsh run on the device. The combination of zsh and TelnetD allows users to create and run a Unix-like shell on a Symbian platform device using a PC (or similar) running a Telnet client as a remote terminal. The connection is established using the IP address of the TelnetD (device).

Note: All instances of the word device in this section refer to a production phone.

This section describes the features of zsh and the commands that it supports. It also provides information about TelnetD, which transfers characters between the shell and a Telnet client.

This section contains the following topics: