Testing the Application

This document describes the configuration or setting changes required to test applications that are new or that have been modified to access large files on the emulator and on the H4HRP.

Testing on the emulator

The ELocal File System (elocal.fsy) is enhanced to support large files up to 4GB-1.

There is no special configuration or change in the settings required to access large files on the emulator. The application can be directly run on the emulator for testing.

Testing on H4HRP

FAT32.fsy supports large files up to 4GB-1.

Build an H4HRP image with the FAT32.fsy file system using #define USE_SDIO_SD_MMC and #define WITH_FAT32.

These #defines are required to support MMC cards of size 4GB or more. Use this image on H4HRP to test your application.