TextMTM utilities

In addition to the MTM component DLLs, a number of other programs are provided.

Example Code

Click on the following link to download the example: TextMTM.zip

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The files reproduced here are the main files contained in the examples directory. Some extra files may be needed to run the examples, and these will be found in the appropriate examples directory

Common classes: txut

The txut project provides source for a small utilities DLL, which holds code that must be shared between the Client and the Server-side Text MTM components.

  • TTxtProgress encapsulates progress information. The Server-side MTM records its progress using this class when performing copy and move operations. The User Interface MTM can extract information from the class for display to the user.

  • CMTMTxtSettings encapsulates access to the MTM's settings as they are stored in the central repository. TMTMTxtSetting encapsulates the settings for a single TextMTM service. This contains only a single property: the folder to which the service is mapped.

  • TxtUtils provides static utility functions.