Kernel Test Suite Overview

Description of tests to validate the kernel, kernel utilities, file server, and SD cards.


The Kernel test suite provides various tests to validate that the kernel, kernel utilities, file server, and SDIO work as expected.

Kernel test suite components

  • Kernel test

    Test the kernel and peripheral areas. These test cases are executed from the standard command line prompt and the result can be seen on the screen or can be logged in a file.

  • Kernel utilities test suite

    The kernel has many utilities supporting the functioning of the kernel. The utilities need to be tested and the drivers verified on the specified hardware before use.

  • File server test suite

    The F32 test suite are automatic scripts built for testing the file server. These are included in the ROM image. These scripts along with a program called runtests.exe allow a batch of tests to be run unattended.

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