eikdef.h File Reference

const TInt KEikMessageFadeAllWindows

const TIntKEikMessageFadeAllWindows

Indicates that all windows should appear faded.

const TInt KEikMessageUnfadeWindows

const TIntKEikMessageUnfadeWindows

Indicates that all windows should appear unfaded.

const TInt KEikMessageColorSchemeChange

const TIntKEikMessageColorSchemeChange

Indicates that the colour scheme has changed.

const TInt KEikMessageZoomChange

const TIntKEikMessageZoomChange

Indicates that the zoom level has changed.

const TInt KEikMessageFontChange

const TIntKEikMessageFontChange

Indicates that a font has changed. Controls should ensure they are using the right font after receiving this message.

const TInt KEikMessageVirtualCursorStateChange

const TIntKEikMessageVirtualCursorStateChange

Indicates that the state of the virtual cursor has changed.

const TInt KEikMessageCapsLock

const TIntKEikMessageCapsLock

Indicates that caps lock key has been pressed.

const TInt KEikMessagePrepareForSave

const TIntKEikMessagePrepareForSave

Indicates that the application should be ready to save any data that needs saving.

const TInt KEikMessageEmbedLevelChange

const TIntKEikMessageEmbedLevelChange

Indicates that the level of embedding of the application has changed.

const TInt KEikHasBecomeCurrentAppUiWhileEmbeddedAppUiDeletes

const TIntKEikHasBecomeCurrentAppUiWhileEmbeddedAppUiDeletes

Passed immediately after completion of the call to CCoeEnv::SetAppUi() when aNewAppUi has become current AppUi. This happens during the destruction of the embedded AppUi.

const TInt KEikNotifyPreCreateEmbeddedL

const TIntKEikNotifyPreCreateEmbeddedL

Passed immediately before CEikAppUiFactory::CreateEmbeddedL()

const TInt KEikNotifyPostCreateEmbeddedL

const TIntKEikNotifyPostCreateEmbeddedL

Passed immediately after CEikAppUiFactory::CreateEmbeddedL()

const TInt KEikPostCoeAppUiConstructL

const TIntKEikPostCoeAppUiConstructL

Passed immediately after CCoeAppUi::ConstructL()

const TLitC8< sizeof("-DebugMemFail:")> KDebugStart

const TLitC8< sizeof("-DebugMemFail:")>KDebugStart[static]

const TInt KEikCustomColorsArrayValue

const TIntKEikCustomColorsArrayValue

WARNING: constant for internal use ONLY. Compatibility is not guaranteed in future releases.