Configuring Multiple Transports Tutorial

The MTP architecture supports multiple transport protocols. Only one MTP transport can be active at any given time. A single transport connection and single MTP session can operate over it. This section describes how to configure multiple MTP transports.


  1. Configure the parameters SwitchEnabled and ETransportHighPriorityUID through the central repository mechanism.

    The central repository file name is 10282FCC.cre.

  2. Set the SwitchEnabled value to 1 to allow switching of transport.

    By default, the value is 0.

  3. Specify the priority of the transport plug-in UID using ETransportHighPriorityUID.

    Prioritising the transport plug-in UID does the following:

    • If a high priority transport is active, then a new incoming low priority connection is rejected with KErrBusy.

    • If PTP-IP transport is active, then a new incoming PTP-IP connection must first stop the active PTP-IP transport by calling StopTransport().

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