TStaticSecurityPolicy Struct Reference

struct TStaticSecurityPolicy

Structure for compile-time initialisation of a security policy.

This structure behaves in the same way as a TSecurityPolicy object but has the advantage that it may be initialised at compile time. E.g. the following line defines a security policy 'KSecurityPolictReadUserData' which checks ReadUserData capability.

Or, an array of security policies may be created like this:
static const TStaticSecurityPolicy MyPolicies[] = 

This class should not be initialised directly, instead one of the following macros should be used:




































Member Functions Documentation

CheckPolicy(RProcess, const char *)

TBool CheckPolicy(RProcessaProcess,
const char *aDiagnostic = 0
)const [inline]

TSecurityPolicy::CheckPolicy(RProcess aProcess, const char* aDiagnostic)


RProcess aProcess
const char * aDiagnostic = 0

CheckPolicy(RThread, const char *)

TBool CheckPolicy(RThreadaThread,
const char *aDiagnostic = 0
)const [inline]

TSecurityPolicy::CheckPolicy(RThread aThread, const char* aDiagnostic)


RThread aThread
const char * aDiagnostic = 0

CheckPolicy(RMessagePtr2, const char *)

TBool CheckPolicy(RMessagePtr2aMsgPtr,
const char *aDiagnostic = 0
)const [inline]

TSecurityPolicy::CheckPolicy(RMessagePtr2 aMsgPtr, const char* aDiagnostic)


RMessagePtr2 aMsgPtr
const char * aDiagnostic = 0

CheckPolicy(RMessagePtr2, TSecurityInfo &, const char *)

TBool CheckPolicy(RMessagePtr2aMsgPtr,
TSecurityInfo &aMissing,
const char *aDiagnostic = 0
)const [inline]

TSecurityPolicy::CheckPolicy(RMessagePtr2 aMsgPtr, TSecurityInfo& aMissing, const char* aDiagnostic)


RMessagePtr2 aMsgPtr
TSecurityInfo & aMissing
const char * aDiagnostic = 0

CheckPolicyCreator(const char *)

TBool CheckPolicyCreator(const char *aDiagnostic = 0)const [inline]

TSecurityPolicy::CheckPolicyCreator(const char* aDiagnostic)


const char * aDiagnostic = 0

operator const TSecurityPolicy &()

operator const TSecurityPolicy &()const [inline]

'Reference of' operator which generates a TSecurityPolicy&


const TSecurityPolicy *operator&()const [inline]

'Address of' operator which generates a TSecurityPolicy*


const TSecurityPolicy &operator()()const [inline]

A method to explicity generate a TSecurityPolicy reference.

Member Data Documentation

TUint32 iA

TUint32 iA

TUint32 iB

TUint32 iB