CConnMonDeleteConnection Class Reference

class CConnMonDeleteConnection : public CConnMonEventBase

This event is triggered when a connection has been deleted. The connection ID passed in the event is the connection ID of the deleted connection.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CConnMonDeleteConnection(const TUint, const TUint, const TUint, const TBool)

CConnMonDeleteConnection(const TUintaConnectionId,
const TUintaDownlinkData,
const TUintaUplinkData,
const TBoolaAuthDelete



const TUint aConnectionIdConnection ID.
const TUint aDownlinkDataDownlink data volume.
const TUint aUplinkDataUplink data volume.
const TBool aAuthDeleteWas connection stopped in an authoritative way.




Member Functions Documentation


IMPORT_C TBoolAuthoritativeDelete()const

Checks if the connection was stopped in an authoritative way. ETrue will be returned if the user has deactivated the connection by using Connection Monitor or if some application has issued RConnection::Stop( RConnection::EStopAuthoritative ).


IMPORT_C TUintDownlinkData()const

Gets the downlink data volume.


IMPORT_C TUintUplinkData()const

Gets the uplink data volume.

Member Data Documentation

TBool iAuthDelete

TBool iAuthDelete[private]

TUint iDownlinkData

TUint iDownlinkData[private]

TUint iUplinkData

TUint iUplinkData[private]