Opening a handle to an existing global Kernel object

This document describes how to find a global kernel object by using a handle.

A handle can be opened on an existing global Kernel object.

Global Kernel objects are explicitly named by their creators; the technique for finding these objects involves using a search pattern to search for objects with matching full names. The TFindHandleBase provides the basic behavior.

In practice, each specific type has its own class derived from TFindHandleBase, for example, semaphores have TFindSemaphore, mutexes have TFindMutex and so on.

For example, the following code fragment searches for the first global semaphore whose full name ends with the characters "day" and opens a thread-relative handle on that semaphore:

TFindSemaphore finder(KDay);       // derived from TFindHandleBase
TFullName      theName;
RSemaphore     theSem;             // derived from RHandleBase
if ((finder.Next(thename))==KErrNone)