CAknApplication Class Reference

class CAknApplication : public CEikApplication

Base class for a Series 60 application.

Series 60 0.9

Inherits from

Member Functions Documentation

NewAppServerL(CApaAppServer *&)

IMPORT_C voidNewAppServerL(CApaAppServer *&aAppServer)[virtual]
Sets new application server.
Series 60 3.0


CApaAppServer *& aAppServerThe server pointer to be set.

OpenIniFileLC(RFs &)

IMPORT_C CDictionaryStore *OpenIniFileLC(RFs &aFs)const [virtual]

From CApaApplication. Opens the .ini file associated with the application. By default, ini files are not supported by SERIES60 applications. If you want to use an ini file, either override this function to base call CEikApplication::OpenIniFileLC, or call it directly.


RFs & aFsFile server session to use. Not used.


IMPORT_C voidPreDocConstructL()[virtual]

From CApaApplication. Completes construction of this application object. PreDocConstructL is implemented to first check that an instance of the application being constructed is not already present. If it is present, then the application switches to the existing instance and then exits. This check is only carried out for non-embedded applications. This function calls CEikApplication::PreDocConstructL.