Generic OS Services Guide

Generic OS Services is a collection of components and libraries that provide generic OS level services to Symbian platform components and applications. The generic OS level services include a plug-in framework (ECom) for defining and using plug-ins, a P.I.P.S. environment for porting POSIX-based applications, and a Zip Compression Library for stream and file compression, and decompression.

Generic OS Services also includes generic services for task scheduling, creating backup and restore software, handling Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), a MIME Recogniser Framework for recognising data types and a set of application utilities.

  • Symbian platform supports ported versions of C++ Standard Library (STLport v4) and Standard C++ Library (STLport v5). It is recommended that you use Standard C++ Library (STLport v5) to take advantage of it's latest features.

  • Open C & C++ API reference information and Open C++ examples are not part of Symbian Developer Library. For this information, refer to S60 5th Edition C++ Developer's Library on Forum Nokia Web site.