MVersitObserver Class Reference

class MVersitObserver

A Versit parser observer.

This is a plug-in class and contains only pure virtual functions.

An implementator of this class can find out the version number of an entity being parsed. The version number specifies the version of the vCard/vCalendar specification used by the data of the vCard/vCalendar. This is for use in conjunction with the MVersitPlugin class, which adjusts the parser's behaviour according to the vCard/vCalendar version.

An implementator of this class can also respond to the creation of a new parser for an embedded sub-entity. This is so that the observer can set the MVersitPlugin, as well as itself, for each new parser that is created.

An observer is set up for a Versit parser using CVersitParser::SetObserver().

Public Member Functions
voidNewParser(CVersitParser *)
voidVersionSet(CVersitParser *, const TDesC16 &)
Private Member Functions
IMPORT_C voidReserved1()
IMPORT_C voidReserved2()

Member Functions Documentation

NewParser(CVersitParser *)

voidNewParser(CVersitParser *aParser)[pure virtual]

Called when a new Versit parser is created to parse an embedded object, specifically a vEvent, a vTodo or an agent, if the Versit parser has an observer.


CVersitParser * aParserThe newly created Versit entity.


IMPORT_C voidReserved1()[private, virtual]


IMPORT_C voidReserved2()[private, virtual]

VersionSet(CVersitParser *, const TDesC16 &)

voidVersionSet(CVersitParser *aParser,
const TDesC16 &aVersion
)[pure virtual]

Called when the version property (a property of the name KVersitTokenVERSION) of an entity is parsed during internalisation of a stream, if the Versit parser has an observer.

An implementation of this function can determine the version of an entity being parsed.

Called by CVersitParser::ParsePropertiesL().


CVersitParser * aParserA pointer to the parser object that detected the version.
const TDesC16 & aVersionA unicode string containing the version number detected.