MPtiLanguage Class Reference

class MPtiLanguage

Client side interface for querying PtiEngine language related attributes. All PtiEngine client side API methods related to handling languages access languages through this interface class.

Member Functions Documentation

GetAvailableInputModesL(CArrayFix< TInt > *)

voidGetAvailableInputModesL(CArrayFix< TInt > *aResult)[pure virtual]

Returns list of all inputmodes currently supported by this language.


CArrayFix< TInt > * aResultList of supported input modes will be stored here.


TBool HasInputMode(TPtiEngineInputModeaMode)const [pure virtual]

Returns a boolean value indicating whether this language supports requested input mode.


TPtiEngineInputMode aModeA input mode to be queried.


TInt LanguageCode()const [pure virtual]

Returns Symbian OS language code for this language.


TPtrC LocalizedName()const [pure virtual]

Returns localized name for this language.