Dll Class Reference

class Dll

A collection of static functions involved in managing access to thread-local storage.

Thread-local storage is a single machine word of static writable memory. The scope of this machine word is the thread, which means that there is one word per thread. The word is only accessible to code running in a DLL.

In practice, this word is almost always used to hold a pointer to allocated memory; this makes that memory available to all DLL code running on behalf of the same thread.

Note that DLL code running on behalf of one thread does not see the same word when running on behalf of another thread.

The class in not intended for user derivation.

Public Member Functions
voidFileName(TFileName &)
TInt SetTls(TAny *)
TAny *Tls()

Member Functions Documentation

FileName(TFileName &)

voidFileName(TFileName &aFileName)[static]


TFileName & aFileName



SetTls(TAny *)

TInt SetTls(TAny *aPtr)[static]


TAny * aPtr


TAny *Tls()[static]