MExternalizer Class Reference

class MExternalizer

A family of classes defining an interface that can be implemented by classes that need to perform externalisation on behalf of others.


Public Member Functions
voidoperator()(const T &, RWriteStream &)
Private Member Functions
voidExternalizeL(const T &, RWriteStream &)

Member Functions Documentation

ExternalizeL(const T &, RWriteStream &)

voidExternalizeL(const T &anObject,
RWriteStream &aStream
)const [private, pure virtual]

Performs externalisation.

The function is called by operator().


const T & anObjectThe object to be externalised.
RWriteStream & aStreamThe write stream.

operator()(const T &, RWriteStream &)

voidoperator()(const T &anObject,
RWriteStream &aStream
)const [inline]


const T & anObject
RWriteStream & aStream