activeidle2domaincrkeys.h File Reference

const TUint32 KCRUidActiveIdleLV

const TUint32KCRUidActiveIdleLV

const TUint32 KAiMainUIController

const TUint32KAiMainUIController

const TUint32 KAiFirstUIController

const TUint32KAiFirstUIController

const TUint32 KAiLastUIController

const TUint32KAiLastUIController

const TUint32 KAiStatusPaneLayout

const TUint32KAiStatusPaneLayout

const TUint32 KAIFirstKeyLockKey

const TUint32KAIFirstKeyLockKey

Key id for scan code for the 1st lock key in the key lock sequence.

const TUint32 KAISecondKeyLockKey

const TUint32KAISecondKeyLockKey

Key id for scan code for the 2nd lock key in the key lock sequence.

const TUint32 KAISecondKeyLockKey2

const TUint32KAISecondKeyLockKey2

Key id for scan code for the optional extra 2nd lock key.

const TUint32 KAIKeyLockTimeout

const TUint32KAIKeyLockTimeout

Key id for key lock sequence timeout in milliseconds.

const TUint32 KAIVoiceDialLaunchKey

const TUint32KAIVoiceDialLaunchKey

Key id for scan code for voice dial launch key.

const TUint32 KAIVoiceDialKeyTimeout

const TUint32KAIVoiceDialKeyTimeout

Key id for Voice dial key timeout in milliseconds. This should be the same as long key press timeout.

const TUint32 KAISPNAndEONS

const TUint32KAISPNAndEONS

Key id for Display PLMN and SPN indicators simultaneously.

const TUint32 KAIVHZInMainpane

const TUint32KAIVHZInMainpane

Key id for publish VHZ in navipane.

const TUint32 KAIExternalStatusScreen

const TUint32KAIExternalStatusScreen

Key id to show/hide external StandbyScreen/default Idle Themes

const TUint32 KAITouchToolbarVisible

const TUint32KAITouchToolbarVisible

Key id for touch toolbar visibility configuration

const TUint32 KAIPluginSettingsKeyRangeStart

const TUint32KAIPluginSettingsKeyRangeStart

Range start for plugin settings. Three keys per setting

const TUint32 KAIExtraShortcutsKeyRangeStart

const TUint32KAIExtraShortcutsKeyRangeStart

Range start for extra shortcuts such as URLs. These are placed to shortcut settings.

const TUint32 KAIBackupShortcutDefinitionStart

const TUint32KAIBackupShortcutDefinitionStart

Range start for backup application definitions.

const TUint32 KAIWebStatus

const TUint32KAIWebStatus

Key id to store homescreen status online/offline

const TUint32 KAIWallpaperChangeType

const TUint32KAIWallpaperChangeType

Key id to store wallpaper change type

const TUint32 KAIWallpaperPath

const TUint32KAIWallpaperPath

Key id to store wallpaper path that is common for all Homescreen pages.

const TUint32 KAIActiveViewPluginId

const TUint32KAIActiveViewPluginId

Key id to store plugin id of active view