MPbk2FieldPropertyArray2 Class Reference

class MPbk2FieldPropertyArray2

This class is an extension to MPbk2FieldPropertyArray. See documentation of MPbk2FieldPropertyArray from header MPbk2FieldPropertyArray.h

You can access this extension by calling MPbk2FieldPropertyArray->FieldPropertyArrayExtension()

Public Member Functions
const MPbk2FieldProperty *FindProperty(const MVPbkFieldType &, const TDesC &)
Protected Member Functions

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbk2FieldPropertyArray2()[protected, inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation

FindProperty(const MVPbkFieldType &, const TDesC &)

const MPbk2FieldProperty *FindProperty(const MVPbkFieldType &aFieldType,
const TDesC &aName
)const [pure virtual]

Returns a property for the field type and given name or NULL.


const MVPbkFieldType & aFieldTypeThe field type whose property is searched for.
const TDesC & aNameName for the filed type