Configuring Per-Bearer-Type Download Rules

This tutorial explains how to configure the download rules.

Note: Before configuring the download rules, see Important considerations.


  1. Create an instance of the CEmailAccounts class.

  2. Create an instance of the CImIAPPreferences class that has to be used by the email service.

  3. Create an instance of the CImImap4Settings class.

  4. Populate the CImIAPPreferences class and the CImImap4Settings class from the central repository using CEmailAccounts::PopulateDefaultImapSettingsL function.

  5. Use the CImImapSettings::SetUseDownloadSyncRules function, and set the TBool parameter to either of the following value:

    • ETrue to enable download rules.

    • EFalse to disable download rules.

  6. Store the updated settings classes to central repository (CenRep) using the CEmailAccounts::SaveImapSyncDownloadRulesL() function.