MMsgStoreSearchClient Class Reference

class MMsgStoreSearchClient

This class defines the message store search client API.

This class is used to notify the search client of the completion of an asynchronous search of the message store.

Public Member Functions
voidMatchFound(CMsgStorePropertyContainer *&)

Member Functions Documentation

MatchFound(CMsgStorePropertyContainer *&)

voidMatchFound(CMsgStorePropertyContainer *&aMessageSummary)[pure virtual]

Notifies the client that a match has been found

/param aMessageSummary (OUT) containts the properties of the matching message. The properties include those specified in RMsgStoreSearchCriteria that was passed to CMsgStoreMailBox::SearchL(). /note client should take over the ownership ot the pointer presented by this method


CMsgStorePropertyContainer *& aMessageSummary


voidSearchCompleted()[pure virtual]

Notifies that client that the search has completed