UI Data MTM implementation

Note: This example is designed to work with Techview and there is no guarantee that it will work on other interfaces

The txti project demonstrates a UI Data MTM. The central class is CTxtiMtmUiData, derived from the User Interface MTM base class CBaseMtmUiData.

txti implements the following MTM functionality:

Example Code

Click on the following link to download the example: TextMTM.zip

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The files reproduced here are the main files contained in the examples directory. Some extra files may be needed to run the examples, and these will be found in the appropriate examples directory.

Class summary



Icons are provided for messages, folders, and services, for use in the message browser. They are built into a Symbian platform multi-bitmap file txti.mbm. ContextIcon() selects the correct icon depending on the entry context.

MTM-specific operations

Menu specifications for the two MTM-specific operations, Refresh and Export text to file, are provided in the resource r_textud_function_array. OperationSupportedL() determines whether these operations are appropriate to the entry context.

Context-specific information (Can<Operation> functions)

Implementations of these functions check that that the specific operation is available and appropriate to the context.