RMdaDevSound-Based Driver Migration

Explains how to convert an RMdaDevSound -based sound driver to the current Sound Driver architecture.

Symbian converted the PDD of the RMdaDevSound based driver to an RSoundSc version of the PDD. The same procedure was used for this on all three platforms.

PDDs for the RMdaDevSound based driver have a significant amount of code that is dedicated to creating and managing a circular buffer, DSoundBuffer, for storing playback or record audio. In the RSoundSc version of the driver, this is taken care of by the shared chunk and this code can be discarded.

For the remaining PDD code, although the LDD to PDD interface for the RMdaDevSound based version is similar to the RSoundSc version, it is best to start by taking a copy of the template port as described in Set Up , then fill in the sections marked TODO in the template code by cutting and pasting the relevant code coming from a single function, this is often called the same in each version of the driver.

One complication comes if the RSoundSc version is to support both record and playback driver channels, as this requires some of the functionality to be moved to the shared PDD factory object.