ICLCodec: Image Converter Library encoder/decoder plug-ins example


ICLCodec demonstrates how to implement encoder and decoder plug-ins for the Image Converter Library. A decoder converts an image in a particular format into a CFbsBitmap object; an encoder does the reverse. In the example, the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format is handled.

The program is an ECom plug-in that implements:

  • the decoder plug-in interface CImageDecoderPlugin by the class CPngDecoder

  • the decoder data reader interface CImageReadCodec by the class CPngReadCodec

  • the encoder plug-in interface CImageEncoderPlugin by the class CPngEncoder

  • the encoder data writer interface CImageWriteCodec by the class CPngWriteCodec

The PNG format allows data to be stored in a number of different scanline formats (colour/grey-scale depths), so specialist classes are provided to read and write these formats. Scanline reader classes are derived from CPngReadSubCodec; writer classes from CPngWriteSubCodec.


Click on the following link to download the example: ICLCodec.zip file

Click: browse to view the example code.