CCookie::TCookieAttribute Class Reference

class CCookie::TCookieAttribute

Class to store the name, value and the size of the value of an individual cookie attribute

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TCookieAttribute(TCookieAttributeName, const THTTPHdrVal &, TBool)

const THTTPHdrVal &aHdrVal,
TBoolaDefaulted = EFalse

Constructor that initialises the name, value and size attributes.


TCookieAttributeName aNameIdentifies the attribute to be set
const THTTPHdrVal & aHdrValThe value of the attribute.
TBool aDefaulted = EFalse



Default constructor. It creates an uninitialized cookie attribute that may be initialized by the common = operator.

Member Functions Documentation



Closes an attribute - used to ensure string attributes are properly closed on destruction.


TBool Defaulted()const

Gets whether the attribute is defulted or specified.


TCookieAttributeName Name()const

Get the name of the cookie attribute.


TInt Size()const

Get the size of the cookie attribute in bytes.


const THTTPHdrVal &Value()const

Get the value of the cookie attribute.

Member Data Documentation

TBool iDefaulted

TBool iDefaulted[private]

Stores that this attribute is defaulted ( ETrue ) or was originally supplied ( EFalse ) Needed to be able to decide whether the attribute should be added when returning cookies to server

TCookieAttributeName iName

TCookieAttributeName iName[private]

The cookie attribute

TInt iSize

TInt iSize[private]

The size of this attribute in bytes. If this attribute refers to a string (folded or normal), then it is the length of the string, otherwise it contains the size in bytes returned by sizeof() operator.

THTTPHdrVal iValue

THTTPHdrVal iValue[private]

The value of this attribute