CConnMonPacketDataUnavailable Class Reference

class CConnMonPacketDataUnavailable : public CConnMonEventBase

This event is triggered when GPRS or WCDMA bearer availability changes, a phone call is started, or a phone call ends. The connection ID passed in the event is a bearer specific connection ID, either EBearerIdGPRS or EBearerIdWCDMA (see TConnMonBearerId).

EConnMonPacketDataUnavailable and EConnMonPacketDataAvailable events form a pair. Two events are always sent, one with connection ID EBearerIdGPRS for 2G network, and one with connection ID EBearerIdWCDMA for 3G network. The event for the network that the phone is not registered to is always of type EConnMonPacketDataUnavailable. If the phone does not support dual transfer mode and a call is started, a GPRS or WCDMA packet data connection will be put on hold. In this scenario, both will be of type EConnMonPacketDataUnavailable. The same information can be retrieved with TBool attribute KPacketDataAvailability.


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CConnMonPacketDataUnavailable(const TUint)

CConnMonPacketDataUnavailable(const TUintaConnectionId)



const TUint aConnectionIdBearer specific connection ID, EBearerIdGPRS or EBearerIdWCDMA.