SQLite Overview

This document introduces you to the interface that provides the native SQLite C APIs.


The SQLite library provides an interface to the standard SQLite implementation for Symbian platform application developers. This allows you to create application using your own SQLite implementation, linking it as required.

Intended audience:

This document is intended to be used by Symbian platform licensees and third party application developers.

SQLite Library Details

You can create your own SQLite implementation, link to the SQLite static library. This library provides an interface to the native SQLite C APIs.

LIB Short Description


Symbian platform implementation of SQLite.

Architectural Relationship

Symbian platform SQLite is built on version 3.3.17 of the standard SQLite distribution.

SQLite is a free standing component which can be accessed by any application and from anywhere in Symbian platform.


SQLite is included in Symbian platform mainly so that third party applications that make calls to SQLite can be supported on Symbian platforms.

SQLite functions are called from within Symbian platform without using classes.

SQLite is an open source implementation of the database query language SQL.

Please see the SQLite Foundation web site, http://www.sqlite.org, for more details about this open source SQL database management system.

SQLite functionality

SQLite is a collection of functions that enable you to create, delete, read and modify relational databases.

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