Starting as Target

The Target is the device that receives commands from a controller.

Intended Audience:

This tutorial is designed for Symbian licensees and 3rd party application developers.

Using the target

The following tasks will be covered in this tutorial:

  • Starting a target

  • Stopping a target

Basic procedure

The high level steps to start a target are:

  • Create a target interface

  • Open a connectionless session

Starting a target

The steps required to start a device as a remote control target are given below:

  1. Create a target interface by instantiating an interface selector using CRemConInterfaceSelector::NewL(), as shown here:

    CRemConInterfaceSelector* iInterfaceSelector;
    iInterfaceSelector = CRemConInterfaceSelector::NewL();
  2. Create a core remote control API target and add the interface selector created above as shown here:

    CRemConCoreApiTarget* iCoreTarget;iCoreTarget = 

    The *iInterfaceSelector is the CRemConCoreApiTarget interface selector and *this is the owning observer. The remote control framework observers are used to send and receive commands and responses.

  3. Open the above interface using CRemConInterfaceSelector::OpenTargetL().


The above code will start a device as a remote control target that is able to receive and handle remote control commands.

Stopping a target

To stop your target use:

delete iInterfaceSelector;

What's next?