MTP Transports Overview

MTP Transports are responsible for binding the MTP protocol implementation to a specific transport bearer protocol, such as USB or PTP-IP.


MTP Transports are implemented as ECom plug-ins loaded into the MTP framework. They interact with the MTP framework using the MTP Transport API. For more information about the MTP architecture, refer to MTP Framework Overview.


MTP Transports provide the following components. Each component supports a transport mode.

  • The MTP USB Transport supports MTP over USB.

  • The PTP-IP Transport supports MTP over PTP-IP which is based on TCP/IP.

Using MTP Transports

The MTP Framework manages MTP Transports. It loads specific transport plug-ins when an MTP client application requests MTP services.

MTP services must be started with a transport protocol binding. An MTP client application (RMTPClient) must call the StartTransport() function with the UID of a transport plug-in. The MTP Framework loads the transport plug-in which sets up the connection between a host PC and a Symbian device for data transfer later on.