Preinstalling Packages

Device creators can use the InterpretSIS tool to preinstall SIS files to a data drive. The preinstalled packages can be flashed to an internal drive or removable media of a Symbian device.


  1. Create a package (PKG) file containing elements required to create an installation file. For details, see PKG File Format and PKG File Format for Preinstallation.

  2. Create a SIS file using the MakeSIS or CreateSIS tools. For details, see Creating and Signing an Installation File.

    Note: A SIS file is not required to be signed for preinstallation.

  3. Run the InterpretSIS tool. Arguments can be specified in either of the following ways:

    • Specify all the parameters at the command prompt as shown in the following example:

      interpretsis -z .\romdrive -c .\cdrive -s simple.sis -w info

    • Include the parameters in a file and use the –p option to specify the file at the command prompt as shown in the following example:

      interpretsis –p parameterfile.txt

      The following parameters are mandatory:

      • The system drive

        This parameter is defined using the –c option and represents the default location of SIS files installation on the PC. The SISRegistry entries and hash files are always created on this drive. The default system drive is c. This can be changed using the –d option.

      • The ROM files

        This parameter ensures that a SIS file does not incorrectly eclipse a file present in the ROM. It also ensures that an executable file installed by the SIS file does not cause a SID duplication error.


    To install multiple SIS files, run InterprteSIS at the command prompt in either of the following ways:

    • interpretsis –z c:\romdir -c c:\sysdir –s SA.sis,SP.sis,PU.sis

    • You can use the –s option to separate installation files.

      interpretsis –z c:\romdir -c c:\sysdir –s SA.sis –s SP.sis –s PU.sis

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