Media Driver Overview

Describes the media drivers used in Symbian platform.


Provides an interface between the peripherals and the kernel.

Required background

This section discusses what you need to do to write or port a media driver. It assumes that you are familiar with the Symbian platform device driver model.

Key concepts and terms

Physical Device Driver (PDD)

Physical Device Driver is a driver that is specific to one type of a device.


NAND is a device that contains NAND flash memory or NAND flash controller.

MultimediaCard (MMC)

The MultiMediaCard (MMC) is a flash memory card standard.


The media driver is a special form of physical device driver. The class DMediaDriver is the abstract base class from which all the media drivers are derived. These media drivers have associated libraries that manage storage media hardware. Some media drivers have platform specific layers that a base port can implement for particular type of storage hardware. The media drivers are loaded and used by file server.

Media Drivers Summary

Media drivers provides the following physical device drivers for the user:

  • Internal RAM Drive Media Driver


    Internal Ram Drive media driver is a physical device driver meant for growing and shrinking the RAM drive.

  • ATA Card Media Driver


    ATA Card media driver is a physical driver to access ATA cards.

  • MultiMediaCard Media Driver


    MultiMediaCard media driver is a physical driver which requests services from the MultiMediaCard controller.

  • Nand Media Driver


    NAND media driver is a physical device driver to access the NAND device.

  • LFS Media Driver


    The LFS media driver is a physical device driver that reads and writes to NOR type flash memory.

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