How to format date as text

Formats the day number, date suffix and month name as text into a supplied descriptor.

The function in the code fragment assumes that the descriptor is sufficiently big:

void formatDateTime(TDes& aBuffer,TDateTime aDateTime)
    _LIT(KFormatTxt,"Date as text: %d%S %S\n");

Note the following:

  • TDateSuffix and TMonthName are descriptors

  • A TDateSuffix object can contain a maximum of 4 characters

  • A TMonthName object can contain a maximum of 32 characters

  • In this example, both objects are constructed with a TInt value representing the day number within the month for the TDateSuffix object, and the month number for the TMonthName object. Both numbers are values offset from zero.

  • The numbers are used to generate the appropriate text. For example, for a TDateSuffix object, a value of zero gives "st", (first day of the month), one gives "nd" etc.