PKG file format to support simple installation

The simplest installation file supports a single language version only and requires no special capabilities. It installs a fixed list of files to the Symbian device and is self-signed. The PKG file must contain the following elements:


The following PKG file is provided in examples\HelloWorld\. The associated files are built from the source code located in the same directory. See here for information.

; List of languages supported

; List of localised vendor names
%{"Nokia Corporation"}
; Single, non-localised (global) vendor name
:"Nokia Corporation"

; Package header format: Package Name, UID, Major version, Minor Version, Build Number
#{"Minimal application"},(0xE8000091),1,0,0

; Files to install for the minimal application: "Files located on PC" - "Target location on the Symbian device"
"HelloWorld.mbm" - "!:\resource\apps\HelloWorld.mbm"
"HelloWorld_reg.rsc" - "!:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\HelloWorld_reg.rsc"


  • The package UID is used to uniquely identify the package. It can be requested in the same way as an application's third UID, through or for convenience it can use the same value as the application's third UID

  • By default, the contents of SIS files are compressed. This can be prevented by using the NOCOMPRESS option in the PKG header. Specifying NOCOMPRESS is not recommended unless you are installing files that are already compressed, for example JPEGs.

  • The package major and minor version numbers are required for version control.

  • The build number must be incremented whenever the component is rebuilt.

  • The ! character must be used as the target drive letter to allow the Symbian device user select the target drive during installation. To prevent the Symbian device user from being able to select the target drive, $ can be used, to denote the system drive.

  • If folders in the target installation path do not exist, they are automatically created by the installer.