Run Mode Debugger Overview

Allows particular application threads to be paused for debugging. Provides a standard security-controlled user-side client-server interface that is suitable for debug tools vendors.


The Debug Security server provides a client-server interface that can be used to perform debug operations on an executable running on a Symbian platform device.


The Debug Agent is supplied by the tools vendors, and is responsible for making use of the debug interface provided by Debug Security Server (DSS) to perform any required debugging tasks.

The tools vendor must provide the following:

  • Debug Agent

  • Host Debugger

  • Kernel Comms Driver (optional)

Run Mode Debugger Summary

Run Mode Debugger provides the following:

  • Debug Security Server


    Provides the debug service interface for third-party debug agents.

  • Debug Driver


    The logical device driver (LDD) used by application debuggers.

Using Run Mode Debugger

The Run mode debugger is used to:

  • Write a debugger agent

  • Control DSS

  • Access DSS services

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