This topic describes the architecture of the Root Server and the C32exe process.

Figure 1. Figure 1 - The architecture of Root Server and the C32exe process

Figure 1 shows that the Root Server is a thread in the C32 process. The Root Server provider a Client library which other applications can use to request services of the Root Server. This client library is the only interaction the Root Server has outside the C32 process.

The Root Server contains the functionality to manage the MBufs and Bindings of the C32 process. The Root Server creates Comms Provider Modules within the C32 process only. These Comms Provider Modules may have client libraries outside the C32 process. For example, the Socket Server Comms Provider Module loads esocksvr.dll. The esocksvr DLL has a client library esock.lib which applications use to request services from the Socket Server.

Figure 2 shows the C32 process and Root Server with some example Comms Provider Modules and the Comms Configurator using the Root Server client API.

Figure 2. Figure 2 - Comms Process with example CPMs loaded