txtshell Example Code


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txtshell is an application that provides a shell for the text example code to run in. It provides four concrete text example controls, CGlobalControl, CRichControl, CStyleControl and CViewControl, all derived from the abstract base class CGraphicExampleControl. Each of these controls implements an UpdateModelL() function that is called each time the current step in the example is advanced. Each step modifies the content, formatting, or display of the text in a different way. For details, see the appropriate control example.

Each of these controls illustrates a different set of operations which can be performed on a text object or a text view.

Note: This example is designed to work properly with Techview and there is no guarantee that it will work with other interfaces.

Use Cases:

Global text control (CGlobalControl)
  • Adding and deleting global text

  • Getting information about the text object, e.g. the number of words and paragraphs.

  • Applying formatting

  • Inserting fields

  • Storing and restoring text

Rich text control (CRichControl)

  • Adding and deleting rich text

  • Applying paragraph formatting to individual paragraphs

  • Applying character formatting to individual characters

  • Storing and restoring rich text

Rich text control with style list (CStyleControl)

Illustrates the following:

  • Creating paragraph styles

  • Applying paragraph styles to individual paragraphs

  • Applying specific formatting to styled paragraphs

  • Applying a style to text with specific formatting

Advanced text view (CViewControl)

illustrates the following text view and layout operations:

  • Banded layout

  • Reformatting the text view

  • Wrapping

  • Using an I-beam cursor

  • Using a line cursor

  • Text selection

  • Resizing the viewing rectangle

  • Scrolling


Press F1 to get the menu which lists the examples. Select the appropriate example, and then press space to advance through a set of steps that illustrate features of that example.