Editing Email Messages Stored as Drafts in Plain Text Format

This tutorial explains how to edit email messages stored as drafts in plain text format.


Email messages can be stored as drafts by any of the following methods:


  1. Use the TMsvId aMessageId parameter of the message (stored in the Draft directory) to create a new instance of the CMsvEntry class.

  2. Use the CMsvEntry object to create a CImEmailMessage object.

  3. Call the CImEmailMessage::GetBodyTextL() function to get the body text of the message, in the CRichText class.

  4. If you want to use the rich text, complete the following step 1. If you want to store the body text in plain text, complete the following steps from 2 to 4.

    1. Call the CImEmailMessage::StoreBodyTextL() function with the edited CRichText class to store the body of the message.

    2. Call the CImEmailMessage::OpenPlainBodyTextForWriteL() function to get CImPlainBodyText.

    3. Call the CImPlainBodyText::StoreRichTextAsPlainTexL() function and pass the edited CRichText class to store the message.

    4. Call the CImPlainBodyText::CommitL() function to complete the editing operation.