TMsvEntryScheduleData Class Reference

class TMsvEntryScheduleData

Stores message-specific data related to scheduling.

The data is not required by the Client/UI side. This data is stored in a stream associated with the TMsvEntry.

Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C voidIncreaseRetries()
IMPORT_C TBoolIsReset()
IMPORT_C voidRemoveL(CMsvStore &)
IMPORT_C voidReset()
IMPORT_C voidResetRetries()
IMPORT_C voidRestoreL(CMsvStore &)
IMPORT_C TIntRetries()
IMPORT_C voidStoreL(CMsvStore &)
Protected Member Functions
voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &)
voidInternalizeL(RReadStream &)
Public Attributes
TSchedulerItemRef iRef
TInt iTaskId
Protected Attributes
TInt iRetryCount
TInt16 iVersion

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Default constructor.

Member Functions Documentation

ExternalizeL(RWriteStream &)

voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &aWriteStream)const [protected]

Externalises the object to the specified stream.


RWriteStream & aWriteStreamStream to write to.


IMPORT_C voidIncreaseRetries()

Adds one to the value of the iRetryCount member.

InternalizeL(RReadStream &)

voidInternalizeL(RReadStream &aReadStream)[protected]

Internalises the object from the specified stream.


RReadStream & aReadStreamStream to read from.


IMPORT_C TBoolIsReset()const

Tests if all the members are set to their default value.

RemoveL(CMsvStore &)

IMPORT_C voidRemoveL(CMsvStore &aStore)const

Removes the object from a store.


CMsvStore & aStoreStore to remove from.


IMPORT_C voidReset()

Resets the object.

It sets all member data to zero.


IMPORT_C voidResetRetries()

Sets the iRetryCount member to zero.

RestoreL(CMsvStore &)

IMPORT_C voidRestoreL(CMsvStore &aStore)

Restores the object from a store.


CMsvStore & aStoreStore to read from.


IMPORT_C TIntRetries()const

Gets how many retries have been made to send this message.

StoreL(CMsvStore &)

IMPORT_C voidStoreL(CMsvStore &aStore)const

Stores the object in a store.

This method leaves if the the object's data cannot be written to a RMsvWriteStream stream.


CMsvStore & aStoreStore to write to.

Member Data Documentation

TSchedulerItemRef iRef

TSchedulerItemRef iRef

The TSchedulerItemRef returned by the Task Scheduler when the schedule on which the message is scheduled is created.

TInt iRetryCount

TInt iRetryCount[protected]

The number of retries that have been made to send this message.

TInt iTaskId

TInt iTaskId

The Task ID returned by the Task Scheduler when the message is scheduled.

TInt16 iVersion

TInt16 iVersion[protected]

Structure version.