FONT.CPP File Reference

Typedef ProcessFunc

typedef TBool(*ProcessFunc

const TTableEntry Table

const TTableEntryTable[static]

This table encodes the Unicode character ranges and the glyph selector classes to be used for each character range when processing characters into glyph clusters in CFont::GetCharacterPosition(). New glyph selection classes must make sure they are listed in this table to ensure they are invoked as required. A '0' iProcessFunc entry tells the algorithm to skip the character.


GlyphSelection::ProcessFunc CharacterToProcessFunction(TIntaChar)

Find appropriate processor function for the given character.


TInt aCharCharacter for processing.

const TInt KTTypefaceBitsNumAttrib

const TIntKTTypefaceBitsNumAttrib[static]

const TInt KTTypefaceBitsNumScript

const TIntKTTypefaceBitsNumScript[static]

const TInt KTTypefaceMaskAttrib

const TIntKTTypefaceMaskAttrib[static]

const TInt KTTypefaceMaskScript

const TIntKTTypefaceMaskScript[static]

const TLitC< sizeof(L"0")/2 > KGdiZeroCharacter

const TLitC< sizeof(L"0")/2 >KGdiZeroCharacter[static]

BoundsExceeded(const CFont::TMeasureTextInput &, const TInt &, TInt &, TInt &)

TBool BoundsExceeded(const CFont::TMeasureTextInput &aInput,
const TInt &aPenPos,
TInt &aBoundsBR,
TInt &aBoundsTL

Checks to see if the pen position needs to be included in the bounds calculation for purposes of considering side-bearings in the line break point


const CFont::TMeasureTextInput & aInputThe input block. Contains the check flag and maxbounds.
const TInt & aPenPosThe current value of the pen position.
TInt & aBoundsBRBottom-right bounds value.
TInt & aBoundsTLTop-left bounds value.


TUint16 HighSurrogate(TUintaCode)


TUint aCode


TUint16 LowSurrogate(TUintaCode)


TUint aCode

CombineSurrogates(TUint, TUint)

TUint CombineSurrogates(TUintaHighSurrogate,


TUint aHighSurrogate
TUint aLowSurrogate

FindContextualProcessFunc(RShapeInfo &, const TGlyphSelectionState)

GlyphSelection::ProcessFunc FindContextualProcessFunc(RShapeInfo &aShapeInfo,
const TGlyphSelectionStateaGss


RShapeInfo & aShapeInfo
const TGlyphSelectionState aGss