MUPnPResourceSelector Class Reference

class MUPnPResourceSelector

An interface for a component that selects a resource from an item. In upnp items have multiple resources, and it is not necessarily clear which one of them the client wants to display. This interface provides a client a clear option to choose whichever resource seems best.

S60 3.2
Public Member Functions
const CUpnpElement &SelectResourceL(const CUpnpItem &)

Member Functions Documentation

SelectResourceL(const CUpnpItem &)

const CUpnpElement &SelectResourceL(const CUpnpItem &aItem)[pure virtual]

Selects the resource from given item. The implementing class should return a reference to one of the elements within the given item. If there is some problem in selecting a resource (for instance there are NO resources in the item) the method should leave

S60 3.2


const CUpnpItem & aItemthe item where to seek resources