MXIMPContextInternal Class Reference

class MXIMPContextInternal

Internal interface for presence context. This interface is implemented by the XIMP Framework.

S60 v3.2
Public Member Functions
TXIMPRequestId QueueOperationL(TInt, const TDesC8 &)
Public Member Enumerations
enumanonymous { KInterfaceId = XIMP_IF_ID_CONTEXT_INTERNAL }

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MXIMPContextInternal()[inline, virtual]

Public destructor. Objects can be deleted through this interface.

Member Functions Documentation

QueueOperationL(TInt, const TDesC8 &)

TXIMPRequestId QueueOperationL(TIntaOperationType,
const TDesC8 &aOperationParams
)[pure virtual]

Issues context operation request to server.


TInt aOperationTypeIn parameter identifying the operation.
const TDesC8 & aOperationParamsIn parameter package for operation.

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum anonymous

Interface ID for the MXIMPContext.