CCoeFep::MDeferredFunctionCall Class Reference

class CCoeFep::MDeferredFunctionCall

Enables FEPs to have some code called but not in the context of the current call stack, hence the name "deferred".

For an explanation of the intended use of this class, see CCoeFep::MakeDeferredFunctionCall().

Public Member Functions
Private Member Functions
IMPORT_C voidMDeferredFunctionCall_Reserved_1()
IMPORT_C voidMDeferredFunctionCall_Reserved_2()

Member Functions Documentation


voidExecuteFunctionL()[pure virtual]

This function is called from within a high-priority active object's RunL() shortly after the active object has been queued by calling CCoeFep::MakeDeferredFunctionCall().


IMPORT_C voidMDeferredFunctionCall_Reserved_1()[private, virtual]


IMPORT_C voidMDeferredFunctionCall_Reserved_2()[private, virtual]