Multimedia Utility Library Overview

This document provides an overview of the Multimedia Utility Library component.


The Multimedia Utility Library component provides shared utilities for multimedia and external components. This includes Content Access Framework (CAF) wrapper classes for accessing multimedia data that has restricted access.

Required background

The Multimedia APIs and Frameworks Overview provides an introduction to the Multimedia Utility Library and related components.

Architectural relationships

The Multimedia Utility Library component interacts with the following components:

  • Multimedia Framework

    MMF audio and video clients who wish to play DRM protected content.

  • Content Access Framework

    The CAF provides services that enable agents to access DRM protected content. For more information, see Content Access Framework.

API summary

The Multimedia Utility Library component includes the following APIs:

API Description

Multimedia Shared Library

Shared utilities for DRM protected digital media.

For more information, see Multimedia Shared Library Overview.

Typical uses

The Multimedia Utility Library component is used for the following:

  • Initialize DRM protected content for playing.