MDisplayMappingBase Class Reference

class MDisplayMappingBase

Provides facilities to map coordinates between various coordinate spaces.

Public Member Functions
TInt MapCoordinates(TCoordinateSpace, const TRect &, TCoordinateSpace, TRect &)
Public Member Enumerations
enumanonymous { KUidDisplayMappingBase = 0x1028656D, ETypeId = KUidDisplayMappingBase }

Member Functions Documentation

MapCoordinates(TCoordinateSpace, const TRect &, TCoordinateSpace, TRect &)

TInt MapCoordinates(TCoordinateSpaceaSourceSpace,
const TRect &aSource,
TRect &aTarget
)const [pure virtual]

Maps the source rectangle from a source coordinate space to a target coordinate space. Since there may be scaling involved, the target rectangle may be larger or smaller than the source one, or even become empty.

Two rectangles that abut each other before mapping, when mapped using the same source and target space UIDs, shall also abut each other after mapping.


TCoordinateSpace aSourceSpacesource space
const TRect & aSourcesource rectangle
TCoordinateSpace aTargetSpacetarget space
TRect & aTargettarget rectangle to be filled in

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum anonymous


KUidDisplayMappingBase = 0x1028656D
ETypeId = KUidDisplayMappingBase