OpenVG Version Variability Point

The OpenVG Interface component provides header files for both OpenVG 1.0 and OpenVG 1.1. The OpenVG 1.0 headers are used by default. However, there is a variability point that can be used to change the header version. This allows a staged migration from OpenVG 1.0 to OpenVG 1.1.

Variant: ScreenPlay and non-ScreenPlay. Target audience: Device creators.

The variability point consists of adding the following #define identifiers to the system-wide OEM-specific variation HRH file.

#define Identifier Description


Use this if you want to use the OpenVG 1.1 headers rather than the OpenVG 1.0 ones that are used by default.


Use this if you have an OpenVG 1.1 implementation but want to use it through the OpenVG 1.0 headers, effectively hiding any API later than OpenVG 1.0.

The main openvg.h and vgu.h header files test whether these identifiers have been defined and redirects the header files to the appropriate version accordingly, like this:

#if defined(__OPENVGHEADERS_USE_VG_1_1) && !defined(OPENVG_RESTRICTED_TO_1_0)
#include <VG/1.1/openvg.h>
#include <VG/1.0/openvg.h>