The read stream interface

RReadStream is an abstract class that presents the necessary interface for internalising from a stream. When called, the InternalizeL() member function of a class is passed a reference to a concrete read stream object; for example, an object constructed from a class such as RStoreReadStream. This allows InternalizeL() to read the object's data from any stream, regardless of that stream’s concrete implementation.

All data types, including non-class types, can be internalised, although some can only be internalised using the templated stream operator>>.

RReadStream provides support for internalising:

  • TInt, TUint, TReal and TReal64 types.

  • The content of a descriptor.

It also provides support for externalising data to a write stream.

The ReadInt8L(), ReadUint8L(), ReadInt16L() and ReadUint16L() member functions allow applications to extract data from the stream written as 8 bit and 16 bit values.

The read stream interface also allows data to be internalised to a location defined by a pointer and a length. However, this functionality is rarely used by application code.

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