Graphics Components and Their CBR Package Names

This topic provides a list of the components that make up the Symbian Graphics package along with the names used for the corresponding package within the Component Based Release (CBR) tools.

System Model Component Name CBR Package Name
BitGDI graphics_bitgdi
Colour Palette graphics_palette
Common Graphics Headers graphics_commonheader
DirectGDI graphics_directgdi
DirectGDI Adaptation graphics_directgdiadapter
DirectGDI Interface graphics_directgdiheaders
EGL Interface graphics_eglheaders
EGL Reference Implementaion graphics_eglrefimpl
EGL Switch graphics_eglswitch
EGL Tests graphics_egltest
Font and Bitmap Server graphics_fbserv
GDI graphics_gdi
Graphics Resource graphics_graphicsresource
Graphics Resource Adaptation graphics_graphicsresourceadapter
OpenGLES Interface graphics_openglesheaders
OpenVG Interface graphics_openvgheaders
OpenWF Composition Interface graphics_openwfcinterface
OpenWF Composition Engine graphics_openwfcompositionengine
OpenWF Support Component graphics_openwfsupport
Screen Driver graphics_screendriver
Surface Manager graphics_surfacemanager
Surface Update graphics_surfaceupdate
Window Server graphics_wserv
Window Server Plugins graphics_wserv_std_plugins
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