System Static Functions Overview

This document provides an overview of the system static functions.


Provided miscellaneous system functions.


The System Static Functions, provided by the User class, typically either relate to the current thread, or its heap, or system-wide properties, such as system time.

The API is divided into the following areas:

Address information

Checks if an address is within the ROM.


Algorithms for searching and sorting.

Asynchronous service support

Signalling and waiting on thread request semaphores. See also Asynchronous Services Overview.


Make a beep tone.

Cleanup support

Raising leaves and setting traps. See also Cleanup Support Overview.

CObject name validation

Check that name is a valid CObject name. See also Reference Counting Objects Overview.

C-style string length

A string length function for C-style strings. See also Descriptors Overview.

Debugging support

Enable or disable just-in-time debugging.

Device management

Loading and unloading physical and logical device drivers.

Execution control

Force thread termination and panics and respond to these events. See also Threads And Processes Overview.

Heap debugging support

Relative to the current thread's heap; they support debugging of memory leaks. See also Memory Allocation Overview.

Language-dependent character functions

Folding, collating, and case conversion functions for strings, dependent on the language of the current locale. See also Descriptors Overview.

Locked incrementer and decrementer

Atomic increment and decrement operations.

Notification service

Display a text message on the screen for a short time. See also Notification Services Overview.

Set time

Set secure system time and the non-secure system time. See also Date And Time Handling Overview.

Synchronous timer services

Suspend current thread for relative or absolute time. See also Timers And Timing Services Overview.

System wide locale

Set the system wide currency symbol. See also Locale Settings Overview.

Tick count

Machine's current tick count.

User heap management

Heap manipulation functions for the current thread's heap. See also Memory Allocation Overview.

Version information and comparisons

Functions to compare two versions and to get the version of the operating system. See also Version Handling Overview.