MPbk2KeyEventHandler Class Reference

class MPbk2KeyEventHandler

Phonebook 2 command key event handler interface. Allows classes not derived from CCoeControl to also handle key events. Used for distributing key events from control container to application view and to application UI.

Public Member Functions
TAny * KeyEventHandlerExtension ( TUid )
TBool Pbk2ProcessKeyEventL (const TKeyEvent &, TEventCode )
Protected Member Functions
~MPbk2KeyEventHandler ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbk2KeyEventHandler ( ) [protected, inline, virtual]

Member Functions Documentation


TAny * KeyEventHandlerExtension ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.



Pbk2ProcessKeyEventL(const TKeyEvent &, TEventCode)

TBool Pbk2ProcessKeyEventL ( const TKeyEvent & aKeyEvent,
TEventCode aType
) [pure virtual]

Handles key events.



const TKeyEvent & aKeyEvent Key event as in CCoeControl::OfferKeyEventL.
TEventCode aType Key event type as in CCoeControl::OfferKeyEventL.