MFscContactActionMenuModel Class Reference

class MFscContactActionMenuModel

Contact Action Menu Model interface.

S60 3.1

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MFscContactActionMenuModel ( ) [protected, inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation

AddItemL(CFscContactActionMenuItem *)

TInt AddItemL ( CFscContactActionMenuItem * aItem ) [pure virtual]

Add a single item


CFscContactActionMenuItem * aItem New item. Ownership of the item is transferred.


void AddPreQueriedCasItemsL ( ) [pure virtual]

Add pre queried items to the list This method can be used when client application is using same instance of cas and it is know that cas's queryresults are ok for the menu. This is usefull when Cas items are used in options menu and action menu Previously set CAS items are removed before adding new items.


TInt ItemCount ( ) [pure virtual]

Return number of items in the menu


CFscContactActionMenuItem & ItemL ( TInt aIndex ) [pure virtual]

Item getter Method leaves with KErrNotFound if given index is invalid


TInt aIndex Index of requested item

NewMenuItemL(const TDesC &, const CGulIcon *, TInt, TBool, TUid)

CFscContactActionMenuItem * NewMenuItemL ( const TDesC & aMenuText,
const CGulIcon * aIcon,
TInt aPriority,
TBool aStatic,
TUid aUid
) [pure virtual]

Factory method for creating a new menu item. Item is not added to the menu. Ownership of new item is transferred and it is not added to the menu automatically


const TDesC & aMenuText Menu text
const CGulIcon * aIcon Icon. Icon ownership is not transferred
TInt aPriority Priority
TBool aStatic Is static Static items are ment to be kept in the menu longer than non-static. Normal use case for static items are custom items set by Action Menu's client. These special items are always in the menu so client does not want to set them again after clearing other items from the menu. All CAS based items are non-static and therefore they can easily be removed from the menu without removing static items also.
TUid aUid Item Uid


void RemoveAll ( TBool aStaticAlso = EFalse ) [pure virtual]

Remove all items from the menu


TBool aStaticAlso = EFalse If ETrue also static items will be removed


void RemoveItemL ( TInt aIndex ) [pure virtual]

Remove a single item from the menu


TInt aIndex Index of the item


TInt VisibleItemCount ( ) [pure virtual]

Return number of visible items in the menu Visible items are not hidden or dimmed and they have an icon


CFscContactActionMenuItem & VisibleItemL ( TInt aIndex ) [pure virtual]

Visible item getter. Visible items are not hidden or dimmed and they have an icon


TInt aIndex Index of requested item